AXIA’s Research division provides thought-provoking, independent and objective insight and analysis across four key verticals; Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and the Global Shipping industry.

Based on our knowhow and deep understanding of these verticals and the companies under coverage, our Research division isolates and analyzes financial information, strategic issues and potential future catalysts in order to identify and communicate investment opportunities.

Our analysts generally work in sector teams and deploy a variety of tools and resources to detect emerging trends across specific markets and asset classes so as to provide unique insight derived from unbiased, on the ground market intelligence.

Our understanding and ideas into far-reaching implications of events for the verticals in focus are featured in timely reports that may assist potential investors as an additional and reliable analysis and valuation instrument.

AXIA’s ongoing research products are delivered electronically to subscribers. Contact us by clicking here to understand the additional research reports and services that we provide on a paid basis.

We aim to maintain the highest possible level of objectivity, free of any conflicts that might arise in larger financial institutions, while our analysts’ views are completely independent and our information sources are reliable, diverse and informed.