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In the context of the services it provides and activities it exercises, AXIA acts as underwriter or advisor on the drawing up of the prospectuses and informative notes to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading (hereinafter “Public Offerings”), according to the provisions of the Greek legislation.

Investors interested in the Public Offerings can find in this website every document and information related to the Public Offerings in which AXIA participates in its capacity as underwriter or advisor. The documents include, among others, depending on the case:

  • Prospectuses/ Informative Notes and any other informative document regarding the Public Offerings or any other undertaking in which AXIA participates or has participated in the past (hereinafter the “Informative Documents”),
  • Instructions addressed to the investors with regard to their participation in ongoing Public Offerings, or the exercise of their rights regarding the said Public Offerings,
  • Documents or document samples to be filled out in order for the investors to participate in ongoing Public Offerings.

The Informative Documents posted in this website refer solely to Public Offerings taking place in Greece and contain the necessary information as per the Greek legislation regarding the issuers and the transferable securities related thereto. The said content has been approved by the competent supervisory authority, as it is particularly indicated in every document.

The transferable securities to which the Prospectuses and Informative Notes refer have not been approved and will not be approved according to the applicable securities legislation of any country other than Greece. Furthermore, it is not permitted to offer or sell such securities to residents of any other country if the said offer or sale is not allowed to take place according to the legal and regulatory framework of such country. Therefore, this website is addressed solely to residents of Greece and does not constitute, in any case, an offer for sale or an invitation to acquire transferable securities and, generally, financial instruments, in any country where such offer for sale or invitation is not permitted by the applicable legislative and regulatory framework. In addition, it is not permitted to communicate links to the website, to distribute, post, ship copies or communicate digital copies or to communicate in any other manner the website’s content, including the Prospectuses or Informative Notes in any country other than Greece.